Day 76 - September 18, 2007

Most of you who know me would know that I am a strong advocate of the philosophy that things happen for a reason. In any situation, positive or negative - I have always searched for the lessons learnt as a result of the experience. To be completely honest, in thinking about the premature birth of Ciaran and Shay, I have had a harder time trying to rationalize this philosophy. That was until tonight when I came across some concrete reminders of the lessons that I have learnt. Prior to going to bed, I came across a bunch of word plaques that Cris and I had bought prior to our wedding. Each month, we had decided to buy one word that we felt that we needed in our relationship for the here, the now and the future. Ironically, our word choices are so relevant to our current situation - so much so, that I thought I would share the words and my reflections on them over the next few days.

The words in no particular order are live, spirit, hope, passion, faith, courage, truth, imagine
and strength.

On live - first thing that comes to mind is life. Through this experience, I have realized that life is truly a gift. A gift that I have come to appreciate on a daily basis. Even though Shay and Ciaran came into this world so early, they came into this world as perfect tiny little human beings. The human body is truly a complex system - one that I have a great deal of respect for as I have learnt more and more about it.

On live - this situation has taught me the importance of LIVING. I have always tried to cram so much into my days, weeks, months and years. This situation has taught me that living day to day is equally, if not more important. Each day on our journey - we have had something to will be important to me not to lose this persepective when we get home and start living with more normalacy. In saying this, I plan on taking life more from a day at a time perspective from this point in time with my overall goal being to enjoy every single minute that I have with my children, my family and my friends. What I perceive as important has changed significantly in the past three months. I am so thankful for this new perspective.

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