Day 74 - September 16, 2007 - 6lbs 11ozs

Yup, the caption is Shay's weight today. Truly amazing. He started out a bit smaller than Ciaran at birth (2.5ozs) and as they started to grow he actually fell behind by a full pound. But he didn't want to be left behind by his brother and he has just about caught right up! He has done wonderful.

There is not a whole lot to talk about today (that's good!). Shay got his bath and a few tries at breastfeeding. He did better today than yesterday. Ciaran had his bath yesterday and he continues to do pretty well at breastfeeding. They are still not taking a full feed from Liza directly and we hope that they can do it over the next week or so. Once they can do that we'll definitely be closer to home.

As for yesterday's little contest, pic A was Ciaran (aka Bean Sprout) and pic B was Shay (aka Sweet Pea).

Here are two more pics from that same day.

Ciaran in his cot

Shay in his cot


Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris,

I am soooo happy that the boys are doing well. I just love all the wonderful pictures and all the double chins. These little angels are truly blessed to have you both for parents. Take care.

Joanne Major

Anonymous said...

Hey Liza and Chris,

Geraldine told me the great news, but I couldn't get
on the website while I was in Beijing and Shanghai.
I am now in Hong Kong and just got caught up.
Ciaran and Shay are doing so well because of all the love that you have shown them.

I llok forward to getting home and having all 7 of
the Sneyd grand children together.

See you soon.

Neil Sneyd