Day 73 - September 15, 2007 - Can you say 7lbs?

Yes, the caption for this post is not just an attention grabber... Ciaran hit 7lbs today. This is just unbelievable and well beyond our expectations for this point of time. We were hoping he would hit about 5.5lbs by the time Sept 17th came around (his original Sick Kids appointment) but he wasn't interested in being so small... he wanted to be big! So we look at him now, out of preemie clothes into 'newborn' and wearing size 1 diapers. He is so big and we are so proud of both him and his brother Shay. We will weigh Shay tomorrow and I'll report back as to how close he is to the 7lb mark.

Both boys continue to do well with their attempts at breastfeeding. Today Ciaran happened to do a bit better than Shay but they are still preemies and they will flip flop back and forth depending on who is tired that day. Shay did much better yesterday. The boys also had a few other small changes, like having their cots laid down flat instead of angled down (was intended to help with feeding).

So a couple of pictures from today.. I decided to go for some extreme closeups, enjoy!

Pic 1 - Who am I?

Pic 2 - I'm not that baby in the pic above


Anonymous said...

Hi Liza,
Just did some catch up reading on your beautiful boys and wanted to pass on my sincere congratulations on the fabulous news of no sugery!! The power of prayer is a miracle itself, but you hold two very special and HANDSOME little miracles in your hands with your two boys!! I am overjoyed that they are progressing as well as they are. You have a beautiful family and have shown just how amazingly strong you all are!! I'm in awe of it all!! Thank you so much in sharing this with everyone, it's a very uplifting journey full of lessons in faith for all!!

Bless you,
Christy (Death) Bowman and family

Anonymous said...

Wow! that is amazing! The boys are getting so big now and they are starting to look like little old men....just beautiful. Is Ciaran the first picture? that's my guess. Take care of yourselves Liza and Cris, it won't be long until you are home with those miracle boys of yours.
Love Laurie

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's a guess Pic A: Shay, Pic B: Ciaran.... they're absolutely gorgeous! Lianne xo

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Have they ever grown and are well on their way to home!!
I'm with Lianne...Pic A Shay Pic B Ciaran.
How beautiful!!!!
Cindy B

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza,
The boys are beautiful, it's hard to believe they were only a few pounds each! The pictures are great I enjoy every entry. I hope you all go home soon, great news regarding the surgery. I think of you and your family daily and look forward to reading on their progress. Thank you for the daily updates.

Mary S.