Day 71 - September 13, 2007 - MORE PICTURES

Another picture day for the boys, enjoy but please don't forget to read yesterday's post as well - it has big news!

Here are the pics!

Shay chilling out


Ciaran just relaxing

Shay awake but barely!

Mom holding the twins

Both kids on the their butterfly pillows - can you guess who is who?

Ciaran on the left and Shay on the right - you knew that, right?


Anonymous said...

Dear Liza and Cris and the boys,

Great news and what beautiful children! The next great news is the day they go home. Miracles do happen and now you have two!

Liz and Laurie

Phyl said...

Dear Liza Cris Ciaran Shay.

Just found out the good news We are so happy for you all.You and Cris deserve a wonderful life with your boys.

Love Phyl Fran xxxx

Cassandra said...

I just want to kiss them and hug them. They are adorable! They look identical!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing news, congratulations!!! They really are miracles, I'm so happy for the both of you. Take care. Tina G:)

Anonymous said...

I could tell them apart!!!!
Lianne xo

Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris
We are overjoyed with the wonderful news about Ciaran from Wednesday. The pictures are terrific. The boys seem to go from strength to strength. Please God you will have them both home soon.

Martin, Dorothy, Ali, Rachel and Conor. Dublin

Anonymous said...

Dear Liza and Cris,

That is the best news ever! I am so happy for you. What a huge relief. Now you can really enjoy your beautiful little miracles without that burden of fear and worry hanging over you. Start counting the days until home time!
Erin B.