Day 70 - September 12, 2007 - HUGE NEWS!

Today was a good day. Today was a really good day. Tonight I sit and write with so much gratitude and faith in my heart. I am so very thankful for my two little miracles Ciaran and Shay -they are absolutely beautiful and I feel so blessed everyday that I have them in my life, each and every day they appear to be closer and closer to coming home...I so can't wait for this day. I am so thankful for Cris, my family, my friends, our community, the staff at Women's College. Words could never adequately express my appreciation.

The best news for today was significant. The "specialist" today came in today from Sick Kids Hospital to see Ciaran. The specialist I have referred to throughout our entries is the Neurosurgeon. To be honest with you, I have always been scared to death to put this word in writing because of the intense fear that has surrounded our dealings with these specialists....psychologically, I believe that I did not want to jinx myself. Fear is such a unpredictable emotion...never in my life have I experienced the level of fear that I have experienced in the past three months - I hope and pray that I will never have to experience this level of fear again.

So - the specialist came in to see Ciaran today. We originally had an appointment at Sick Kids for September 17, however, there was a scheduling error and we were pushed back another 10 days. Hearing this was difficult, as we have been facing the fear of a shunt and the potential repercussions for over two months now...the anticipation has been killing me...the nurse asked if someone could come by to take a look at Ciaran. So today the specialist came by and had a look. This was a tense hour as we waited for him to assess Ciaran. review all of his ultrasounds and pour through the daily assessments. Upon complete review, the surgeon came in while I was holding Ciaran to share with us his assessment of our current situation. The doctor told us the news we always hoped and prayed for but news that we definitely were not always expecting.

Ciaran will not need surgery right now and he will probably not need surgery ever for this particular issue!!

Words cannot describe the emotions we felt when he told us that news. As the tears flowed down my face, the doctor asked why I was crying as he could not understand how this good news would result in my tears. I simply explained that the past 9 weeks of stress and worry had ben intense, however, at this point, these were tears of joy and happiness.

At the beginning of August we met with Father Dave and Ciaran's surgery was immenient. I remember him precisely saying that he would pray for a miracle as we had been told that Ciaran would require surgery but at this point in time, he was much too small and would have difficulties tolerating surgery. It was two days after meeting with the Neurosurgeon and one day after the boys were baptized that Ciaran's dire situation began to progressively get better every day. He defied the odds and we were reminded of how important it is to have faith and to believe.

So we sign off saying thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. They have truly paid off. We are far from out of the woods yet - but we have made significant gains. We have so much to be thankful for ....and today our prayers are those of thanks.

With lots of love,
Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay


Anonymous said...

Oh what truly wonderful news!!! The joy and relief you must be feeling!!! As a parent I know just how much you worry about your children and their well guys are awesome parents and those little guys are so very lucky to have you!!! You're so's so important to have faith! I can't wait until you get to bring your two little bundles of joy home! You deserve to start your new life with your boys!
Cindy B

Heather Brown said...

What great news! I have goose bumps from reading this entry...and a big smile on my face for the two of you! The pictures are also great - I can't believe how big they are getting and how much they change each time new pictures are posted! It was wonderful to see you the other looked great! Our thoughts continue to be with you and the boys.


Cassandra said...

Miracles do happen! Can't wait to see the boys at home where they belong!

Anonymous said...

The tears flowed freely as I read this entry tonight. I'm moved... so moved at your experience. I'm so happy for all of you. Lianne xo