Day 67 - September 9, 2007

Today was a great day. Just hung out with Ciaran and Shay. Both boys had baths which they behaved for. Shay was a bit apprehensive of the bath at first....but warmed up as we got going! Not much else to report. The pictures below share a glimpse of our day.

Ciaran having a serious moment

Ciaran relaxing after his bath

Shay not happy he has to have a bath is not as bad as he thought!

Squeeky clean and ready to relax again!

Cuddly Ciaran hanging with his Mom

Did I tell you that Ciaran likes to cuddle?


Anonymous said...

Cris - It is a joy to see your little ones becomming stronger each day! I will continue to pray for you and your family! Amy Goldsberry

Cassandra said...

Love the double chin on Shay! What a face!

XO Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Man are they ever handsome little devils!!!
Love Cindy

Anonymous said...

Just the perfect little angels! Hope you are enjoying all the cuddling. Liz

Phyl said...

Hi Liza Cris Ciaran Shay

Its great to see the boys getting biggerI know it has been very hard on you all There is a big light at the end of the tunnel. Well done Liza Cris and all the staff at the hospital Love Phyl Franxxxx