Day 63 - September 5

Another hectic day for the boys. Both boys were still quite tired from their immunization shots from yesterday. Ciaran had his weekly ultrasound today and it appears again this week that things remain stable....which is good news! We will be meeting with the Specialist in a few weeks to determine what exactly the next steps will be for him. In the meantime, we will hope and pray that Ciaran continues to develop and thrive in such a positive manner. He is truly doing amazing - we are so proud of him!

Both boys had their weekly eye exams done today as well. This is a tiring and uncomfortable test done weekly. It totally tires them out and as a result, we let both boys 'just be' this afternoon. Cris and I ended up going to my parents house for a late dinner. It was great to see them as they had been away for the past week in Ireland.

My parents brought home a number of gorgeous outfits from my relatives in Ireland. They are all beautiful and we are so thankful not only for the outfits, but also for the outpouring of support that we have received from our relatives overseas. Family is such a phenomenal support network and Cris and I feel truly blessed for our families. Distance in no way interferes - the love, prayers, faith and support are felt across the miles - and for this we are eternally grateful!

All the best to everyone!
cris, liza, ciaran and shay

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