Day 62 - September 4, 2007

The days are getting busier and busier. I had both boys out today for a cuddle and an attempt at breast feeding. The nurses tell me that Shay is advanced for his age for feeding - he is very eager - he learned to latch on immediately and is learning to coordinate his suck, swallow and breathe reflexes appropriately. He lasted for twenty minutes today which is quite a bit of time for such a little one...he is pretty intense...

Speaking of intense, I think that I had mentioned that Shay was a bit fussy in the past week and has wanted to be picked up often - well today we found out the likely reason for this - he has a hernia which is quite common in premature baby boys. He will need to go in for day surgery for a small procedure in a couple of months to fix the situation - in the meantime, we will work hard at keeping him comfortable and calm...he is a tough cookie...and will surely be okay!

Ciaran too is making progress with his feeding. He latched on quite easily today and lasted around ten minutes. He is not as eager as his brother - he tends to take things in around him - he is much calmer and laid back in his approach. The nurses tell me that he is doing what is developmentally appropriate for his age which makes us happy!

Both boys had their immunizations this afternoon. Following their immunizations, they were quite tired and sleepy. We let them be following the immunizations...they needed to sleep and relax.

Met with Maureen today - she is responsible for follow up. She is such an amazing person to talk to. She always provides perspective when my perspective is waning. On days when I am overtired, I find I am quicker to lose perspective - on days like these, my mind wanders and I think of every single "what if "for my boys...seeing that I naturally only want the very best for both of them. It is days like these that the fear sometimes sets in... I am sure the fear that every parent feels as they think of their hopes and dreams for their children. When I find myself in a worried mode, it is she who reminds me that we are working with the best hospital in the world dealing with preemies. We will be blessed to have follow up and services from Women's College for the first six years of the boys life - the goal being to give them the best start possible....we really cannot ask for more! This is another area where we are so blessed as Canadians for our Health Care system and hence so far ahead of the States who have no set in stone follow up procedures for preemies. How lucky we truly lucky!

Well, tomorrow is another busy day, so I will be off. To all of my teaching friends - thinking of you today at school. Hope you all had a good one. Please give my 'specials' my love!



Anonymous said...

You're special Liza. The boys are absolutely beautiful, and they are so blessed to have parents such as you and Cris. Your 'specials' are all well, and having a great week. You take care of yourself (my Nana used to tell me when I was nursing to have a beer a day... it helps with milk production :) ). Have a wonderful day. Lianne xo

patpaula said...

Hi Liza ,Cris.Your twin's are beautiful.They have got so big the last two weeks.Take care, you are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love Pat Paula. Hi Ms Liza hope you and Cris are well.We love to see photos of our cousins Ciaran and Shay.Give them a big kiss for us. love Jamie Keith Mark xxxxxxx

Cassandra said...

The boys look great and you look like a natural!

xo Cassandra