Day 61 - September 3, 2007

Look at those chubby cheeks!

Shay relaxing on his butterfly pillow..ironic it's a butterfly!

Lovely Ciaran always making eye contact - we're connected!

Ciaran and Shay meet again

Today was quite a relaxing day seeing it was the Monday of the long weekend - there were no tests or procedures done today - therefore not much to report which is a good thing.

Bev was back after being off for 5 days for a wedding. It was so nice to see her - she felt that the boys had grown quite a bit in five days. It is hard to see how they are changing sometimes because we see them every day. She was happy with the progress that the boys had made since she left Tuesday of last week (both boys breathing on their own, spells are fewer and farther between).

We had both boys out together today for a cuddle. It was the first time we had them back together since their initial meeting a few weeks ago. The scenario was very much the same - Ciaran was very interested in looking at his younger brother. Shay was in a deep sleep and took little notice. Ciaran was so sweet looking at Shay - I truly believe he realizes that he is his other half. He reached out to touch him again - I sooo can not wait to have them home so that we can watch them interact on a daily basis!

That is all to report for today. The next few days are quite busy for the boys with immunizations, ultrasounds and eye tests. We pray that we will continue to receive good news regarding both of the boys' progress.

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