Day 59 - September 1, 2007

Today was a good day. We had another milestone to celebrate today! Ciaran is now completely off low flow and is breathing completely on his own. He has totally caught up with Shay and is actually having fewer spells than Shay. He is doing truly amazing!

Shay continues to do well. He has been breathing on his own for the past four days - he is looking stronger and stronger everyday and looking much more like a full term baby everyday. He is packing on the pounds - weighing in at 2444 grams - which is 5lbs 6 oz. and currently working on a triple chin. Ciaran is weighing in at a hefty 2518 grams - which is 5lbs. 8 1/2 oz. They are both getting huge!

I have tried breast feeding both boys in the past few days. It is so funny to see how their personalities are beginning to shine through! Shay latched on within a second - he was like a vacuum - he is too funny. After about one minute, I noticed his skin turning a greyish blue - he was so caught up with sucking that he totally was forgetting to breathe. Shay has become quite intense over the past week or two. As I told you before, he is a total ladies man. He cries at the top of his lungs to get someones attention - and as soon as he gets it - he is as happy as a pig in shit :) Everytime I call in to see how he is doing, it appears that he has wrapped another nurse around his finger...

Ciaran on the other hand, has become very sweet. Whenever one of us hold him, he is always looking into our eyes to see who has him. When I put him to my breast, he was much gentler - took it all in - and took his time. They already seem soo different! I love it!

Cris painted the babies room today with my brother in law Fab - we painted the room a nice green colour - it looks fabulous. As you can guess, we are starting to come to the reality that our boys will be coming home with us in time and we need to start preparing for this.

Well that is all for today. Both boys will be bathed tomorrow and we will be sure to post some pictures. Thanks for checking in and thanks for your continued support - we appreciate it more than you will ever know.

lots of love,
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Anonymous said...

The news continues to get better and better! It's amazing that they are both nursing now and it sounds like they really enjoy it! The boys are absolutely adorable... sorry Cris but they are looking more like mommy!!! Looking forward to meeting the boys.

Helen :)

Anonymous said...

From Marie and Pat cant get over how big the boys are they are so cute and piling on the weight they will be home before you know it lots of hugs to you all Marie and Pat xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow, things are really moving along's amazing to watch the progress the boys are both making. I'm so glad everything is going so well. It won't be long now until your trips to Toronto are history. Take care of yourselves and kiss those sweet boys for me!
Love Laurie

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the boy's are able to latch on. Nursing is a special bond that only mom and baby can share.