Weekend Pictures

Shay's mini hand

Shay checking out his mommy

Shay holding onto his soother - he has figured out how to do that now!

Ciaran laying in his new cot - no more isolette for him!

Ciaran out for a cuddle with his mom

Proud mommy and son Ciaran


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big the boys are getting!

Thinking of you!
helen (and Nick)

Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris,

The boys look so adorable and seem to be enjoying their cuddles with mommy. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.

Joanne Major

Anonymous said...

Cris and Liza,
Ohhhhhhhhh....so cute! They are getting so chubby and sweet. So happy they graduated to the next level already. Next step home...no worries, just enjoy and relax, you will all be fine

Love Liz and Laurie

Cassandra said...

Beautiful boys just like their mommy!
xo Cassandra

Anonymous said...

They are getting so big. We can't wait to meet them. Sounds like the mass was amazing I am sorry we were away to miss it. I must say I also love the pic of you with the 2 of them. I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday!!!
Bless all of you.
Love TnT and Mira & Tearen.