Day 58 - August 31, 2007

Hello there,

Today we will let the pictures do the story telling. These are all from today and in no particular order (OK Shelley?).

Liza and I checking out Ciaran

Shay's ever chubby legs

Ciaran relaxing in his bed

Liza holding Shay

Ciaran with daddy

Ciaran with Daddy again

Ciaran in bed - NICE OUTFIT!

Shay with his soother (from a few days ago)

Shay - notice what is NOT on his face?

Shay again, too cute!


Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris,

The pictures are wonderful, I can't believe how big the boys have gotten. I can hardly wait to meet them. Take care,

Joanne Major

Anonymous said...

How adorable!!! They're getting sooo big and way too cute!! I am thrilled for you and the boys that they have graduated! That was exciting news :O)! Looks like all the prayers are doing wonders!Always in my thoughts and prayers.
Love Cindy B

Cassandra said...

What a good looking group!

xo Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris;
Oh my goodness Liza, have the boys ever grown. They are so adorable. Started work last week. Things are definitely not the same without you. Take care and give the boys a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Ok, next to my own 2, those are the 2 sweetest boys I have ever seen-bless them to pieces-sigh-too cute!

Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris the pictures are priceless I can't believe how they have grown. This is just beautiful, you have two strong fighters!!! Enjoy...

Love Mary Sala

Anonymous said...

The legs!! I love the chubby legs!!! Keep the pictures coming; they are adorable!

Jean-Ann said...

What a long way they have come! Liza, you are ALL in our thoughts and prayers. Come and visit us at school; we miss you!

Jean-Ann MacDonald

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures, the boys really have grown :)