Day 56 - August 29, 2007

Today we had a good day again with the boys. I still find it remarkable the difference between the TCN and the NICU. It is just really quiet in comparison. A few more babies went to hospitals closer to home today and now there is only 1 extra baby in the same room as us. It's nice.

Shay had his first bath today with mom, he took it really well. He continues to do well, very steady and slowly but surely growing. He gained a lot of weight over the last 24 hours and is now about 2230 grams, or approx 4lbs 15ozs. Yes, he is almost 5lbs!!!!

Ciaran had an important day as he got his weekly ultrasound. We know that things have slightly improved again this week and we just continue to pray that it will continue to improve in advance of his appointment in mid-Sept with the doctors. He continues to have some extremely minor issues with his breathing but that is ok, he is allowed :)

That's it for today!
Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay

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