Day 54 – August 27, 2007

Sorry again for taking a few days to write again. Now that the boys are upstairs, I find that I am much busier during the day. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we are more responsible for the care of Ciaran and Shay now that they are in transitional care – which I am loving.

Today was another exciting day. The boys graduated from their incubators and are now residing in cots. This means that Ciaran and Shay are now wearing baby clothes – which makes them look so much more like babies – may sound weird, but true. My good friend Sacha’s sister Lisa kindly lent me some preemie clothes which has been fantastic as they are just inching towards fitting into newborn clothes so it is great for the meantime - and they are nearly wearing stage 1 diapers – they are getting so big!!

The boys had a difficult night last night. They were having spells most of the night which the nurse thought was ‘normal’. Bev came in, in the morning and realized that their feeding tubes were not going directly stomaches – totally could have been prevented - a bit frustrating! However, I am reminded again - how lucky we are to have had the phenomenal care that we have received so far...

Anyhow, that is all for today. Until tomorrow...
liza :)

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Cassandra said...

I can't wait to see the boys in their little outfits! Too cute!

xo Cassandra