Day 53 - August 26 - Mass day

Today started off at Holy Rosary Parish for an 8:30am mass. This is the mass Father Dave is holding for the boys. Personally this was a bit overwhelming. Holy Rosary has been including the boys in the intentions portion of the mass for many weeks now but this was different. With our family and friends on hand this mass had a special nature to it. Father Dave did something a bit unexpected near the conclusion of the mass. He started talking about the boys and our family. It was a special moment for me and Liza and one that gets me teary just thinking about it. We owe a tremendous amount to everyone we know but I think we owe that little bit extra to Father Dave and Holy Rosary Parish.

It was three weeks ago today that Liza and I met with the doctor from Sick Kids. We were discussing some issues with Ciaran and I must say that we both left the meeting in a bit of shock and despair. We just knew that Ciaran was still having some issues and that intervention might be necessary to ensure his long-term health. It was tough. It was later that night that Father Dave called. We had spoken to him a few weeks earlier and he was going to call us to come visit the kids. He could not have called at a better time. He offered to not only visit but to baptize the kids. It was an opportunity and blessing we could not give up.

The following day - August 6th - Father Dave visited, baptized the boys and even took us out for lunch at one of his favourite spots, Fran's restaurant on College St. This was a pleasure. What we didn't know at the time was that something was starting to change with Ciaran. Within a few days his condition started to improve. Now three weeks later, he is making such big improvements that he has caught and in some ways surpassed his brother. We are so thrilled! We know he is not out of the woods yet (nor is his brother) but we do know that he is a child of God now and that he has a fighting chance to continue making all the milestones he is supposed to make.

Liza, Ciaran, Shay and I are truly blessed to have the support of Father Dave, Holy Rosary Parish, our family and friends. Words cannot ever describe the feelings we have when we try to understand how much people will go out of their way to support us. It is truly special and we thank you all.

Father Dave - our sincerest thanks for all you have done. Your support has been tremendous and we could not thank you enough.

Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay


Cassandra said...

The mass was beautiful. Father Dave said some very encouraging words. I Hope that his message stays with you during those difficult days. The boys are truly blessed to have so many people behind them.

Love you little ones! xoxo Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Hey Liza & Chris,

I wish I could have been at the mass, but was out of town for the last few days. Nonetheless, Ciaran & Shay are always in my prayers, and I'm so happy to know they're getting stronger. Can't wait to see the little guys!

Take care, and & God bless,