Day 52 - August 25 - Post Graduation Report

Today is the first full day of being in the TCN (Transitional Care Nursery). The boys have been here now for about 3/4s of a day and I think they have adjusted well to this point. I'm still not sure that we have fully adjusted yet though. It is hard to believe that moving up one floor in the same hospital would not be such a big deal but it is. No matter whether change is good or not, transitions are always difficult. The realization that boys are really being prepped to come home means that the journey for our family is really just starting.

The first thing that is noticeably different is the name of the area in the hospital where the boys are: TCN instead of NICU. This is no longer 'intensive' care, it is transitional care and you realize quite quickly that there is only one goal: get the children home. I think this is the scariest part of all, that we will have take care of these little monkeys full time - with no nurses on nights!!! I am completely looking forward to waking up and they are home 'cause that is all I have looked forward to since we found out that Liza was pregnant. It is going to be a grand day when we load them up and show them around their new room!

The boys are still continuing to act like little preemie babies but are doing great overall. They are having very few 'spells' and are growing like weeds. Ciaran is now 5 lbs 2 oz and Shay is nearing the 4 lbs 12 oz. They are 2 of the larger babies in the TCN currently and we hope to have them out of the isolettes in a few days.

Tomorrow is the mass that Father Dave is graciously offering in their name. I hope you all can join us.

Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay

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