Day 51 - August 24 (Graduation!!!)

Very exciting day today!!! The boys have graduated to the Level Two nursery (we are no longer in intensive care)!!!! The Level Two nursery is considered a transitional care unit where babies who are more stable go. I can't believe that both boys were sent upstairs at the same time. The feeling is one of both excitement and trepidation as change is both exciting and scary!

The level two nursery is much quieter than level three. Alarms continue to go off - but nothing like they do downstairs. Also, there are no ventilators on the fourth floor which makes a huge difference in noise level.

The level two nursery is much more parent oriented. We now will need to bath the boys, work on breast feeding, and become more responsible for their care. Basically, they are starting to train us for bringing the boys home.

We will be staying at Women's College Hospital for the duration of Ciaran and Shay's hospitalization because Ciaran is still being monitored by the Specialists at Sick Kids. Most times, at this point, the family would be transferred to a level two hospital closer to home. In our case - that would be Oakville Trafalgar or Credit Valley. To be honest, we are good with staying put. Bev, our nurse will continue to be Ciaran and Shay's primary caregiver which is gold....and we are comfortable here - we have had unbelievable support - the staff knows us well and we know what to expect....we couldn't ask for better care!!!

That is all to report for today! We are so impressed with the growth of the boys in the past two weeks. The human body is truly an amazing and complex thing!

A sincere thanks for your continued positive thoughts and prayers - clearly they are payin off!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the move, what wonderful news!!! It sounds like you have a terrific group at the hospital, you are doing the right thing to stay know what is best for your new family!!!The boys are so fortunate to have parents like you..All the best,
Mary Sala

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news... congratuations! Love Lianne xo

diana thomas said...

Wow! You must be over the moon right about now! I'm happy to hear that the boys have 'graduated' and things are going so well. COngratulations!
Best wishes!

Phyl said...


Phyl said...

Hi Liza Cris Ciaran Shay.

Wonderful news about the boys moving upstairs. Good move staying in the same hospital they have had so much good care there. We will be thinking of you all while your at mass.
Love Phyl Fran xxxx

Farrah said...

Moving on up, that's great news!!

Anonymous said...

This is great news! You have all come a long way! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Helen and Nick

Cassandra said...

Fantastic news! Those boys are little fighters!

xo Cassandra

Rattray said...

I am so happy for all of you! I can't wait to see you...know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers!

Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the big move, the boys have a fighting spirit...which obliviously comes from the both of you.
Tina G:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! The boys have come so far and I can't even imagine how excited you both must be!

Gene Bell said...

It is so wonderful that all is working out - you guys are special - we knew that all along - and clearly Ciaran and Shay have much to be proud of! All our best - Gene Bell - Summit Land

Heather Brown said...

Congratulations on the boys "graduation" to the level two nursery! That's great news and certainly something to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Congrats...I am so happy to hear about the graduation...just in time for the new school year about to begin. Good job boys...can't wait to see you all.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

What amazing news-we are all so thrilled for you! Keep up the amazing work! We love ya-Ally, Bruce, Beck and Rian

Anonymous said...

Fabulous News you guys!! What fighters you all are!! You truly are a special family!! Our thoughts and prayers are still with you all!!
Christy, Allen, Emma and Connor