Day 49 - August 22, 2007

We have a few things to celebrate today. First of all, Shay was off all breathing equipment today for 4 hours and he did not have one spell! It felt sooo good to see him with no support in his mouth or really was quite a moment. He was so calm and peaceful...he tends to fight the CPap machine at this point - which is his indication to all of us that he is good and ready to be free of it! He is so close!

Ciaran also had a great day with regards to breathing. He was on low flow for 12 hours which is unbelievable. He is so determined to keep up with Shay - the improvement that he has made in the past week with his breathing is way beyond where I imagined him to be...

The improvements in both of the boys breathing means more changes for us. It is likely that if the boys continue to progress the way that they have been - we will be moving upstairs to the Level Two nursery. We are not there yet...but we are definitely moving in that direction...from there, the boys will need to learn how to regulate their body temperature, learn how to breast feed and be spell free (which usually happens sometime after 35 weeks). Tonight Bev our day nurse told us that she would be moving upstairs with us when the boys are sent cannot imagine what a relief it was to hear this...basically, she is with us until we leave which brings Cris and I so much comfort!

So...things are looking really positive today...we are very aware that we definitely are not home free yet. We anticipate many more more bumps on the ride...and we know not to become overly confident...that being said, what we know at this point in time is that we are blessed with: two beautiful sons, highly qualfied, dedicated and caring nurse practioners looking after our babes 24 hours a day, and an amazing network of supportive family and friends...we could not ask for more....we really couldn't!

So I sign off....with admiration, respect and appreciation to all of you...


Heather Brown said...

Liza and Cris

Continue to celebrate the positives and Remember not to get too caught up in the things you can't control (easier said then done..right?!). But today's post is certainly one to celebrate!

You two are a remarkable couple - your dedication to each other and to your well as your
determination will get you through this!

I will be in the States this weekend but will say a prayer for you and the boys on Sunday when I'm at mass with my family there! Enjoy the mass in Milton.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Allyson said...

Fantastic news! Keep strong little guys!

patpaula said...

Hi Liza and Cris! The newes just gets better and better everyday.The pictures were beautiful. You have two beautiful boys we are so happy for you both.We will say a prayer for you and the boys at mass on Sunday. Take care Pat Paula Jamie Keith Mark xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that things are progressing well. Your strength has helped more than you know. You are both fighters...your children are just following in those wonderful footsteps that you have set out...

Thinking of all of you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful Family.
Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all from all the way in Nova Scotia. The boys are gorgeous and there's no doubt that your love and the skills of those taking care of them will get them strong!!
Love ya!
Terra Simpkins and Andy Crowe