Day 43 - August 16, 2007

Sorry to only get to this now. The last few days have been quite busy! I was going to make this a double entry, but thought for the sake of Ciaran and Shay (this will serve as a journal of their early days of life), that I would be consistent and write separate entries for each unique day.
Wednesday night I got home from the hospital around nineish feeling really good about where the boys were at. Both boys had been stable and have been making steady and significant progress in the past week. I decided to call a close friend of mine because I was feeling good about where we were at...I think it was the first time since this journey started that I allowed myself to put my guard down...saying out loud that I thought everything was going to be okay. Up to this point, I refused to say this outloud as I did not want to jinx myself.

Not even an hour later - we had our first call ever from the hospital. It was the Doctor calling about Shay. Shay had had a number of big spells earlier in the day and into the evening where he was forgetting to breathe and was requiring a significant amount of intervention. In the evening, the spells became worse and the doctor felt that Shay might have an infection as these spells are often an indication of such. She called to tell us that they would be proactive and treat the infection with antibiotics until the blood work came back in 48 hours. She also indicated to me that Shay would need another blood transfusion as his hemoglobin was quite low and he was not quite at the age where he could create his own hemoglobin independently.

Needless to say, the phone call scared us to death. I lay frozen on the couch - disappointed at myself for putting my guard down and worried that Shay was sick...sleeping this night was very difficult...we did our best to be positive and think that Shay was infection free...we would know in 48 hours...a long time to wait and agonize!

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