Day 41 - August 14, 2007

Another great day today. Ironically, it feels good that there is not much to report! I held Shay first today as he was quite a squirmy monkey in his isolette. He is starting to develop quite a personality...he has been so alert the past few days. Today during our cuddle - he was awake for nearly 2 hours - it is as if he doesn't want to miss out on anything!

Ciaran was also out for two hours. He was a perfect angel! He has had a really good week. Some of the measurements that we continue to track have finally began to stabalize in the past week. This is great news...his ultrasound is actually tomorrow...this will give us a clearer picture of where things are at.

We now have a primary caregiver for our boys in the evening as well. The nurse (Miriam)adores the boys. She was actually one of the first nurses assigned when we first over time, she has become very attached. It is so comforting to have Bev and Miriam dealing with Ciaran and Shay more consistently...I totally trust them and sleep better at night and am calmer during the day when they are around!

Both boys had their first bath tonight! Cris and I had gone out for a birthday dinner with his good friends and came back to the hospital to see Ciaran and Shay wearing clothes for the first time. They both looked so cute, but so funny as they have not worn anything other than a diaper for the past five and a half weeks.

Last but not least, I spoke with Father Dave today. He has kindly offered to say mass on Sunday August 26 at 8:30 am for Ciaran and Shay. So, if any of you are around, we would love to see you!

thanks for checking in!
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Taking another road trip up to Milton to bring Tracey back. We will be around on Sunday to share in Shay and Ciaran's mass. Lots of positive twin energy to send their way!

Anonymous said...

First bath? That would have been so great to witness. :)
Can't wait to see the boys again.

Geraldine Sneyd said...

Dear Liza and Cris,
Happy belated birthday Cris! I am glad the boys surprised their daddy with their footprints. What a lovely birthday card!
I am sure Shay and Ciaran were thrilled to have a spa after five and a half weeks. What a great feeling. I can't wait to see them in their outfits for a first fashion show.
Take care. We read your blog daily and think of you all the time.
Geraldine, Neil and Eamonn

Ivana Marzura said...

Hello, I am hoping someone can provide me with directions to the church. I am not positive I can attend but will try my hardest.