Day 39 - August 12, 2007

Today the boys are 32 weeks gestational age. We likely have a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks to go before either of the boys come home. These days, I am just dying to bring them home. Being at the hospital day in and day out is tiring, draining, and abnormal...I think that everything about this experience could be described as abnormal...that being said, being at the hospital day in and day out has become our reality - and unforuntely the days are becoming more and more normal as we have become accustomed to life in the NICU - a life I would never wish on anyone!

As Ciaran and Shay look more and more like newborns, I feel like I am just beginning to feel more and more like a be honest, I do not think that it has fully set in, that I am the mother of these two miracles and that in time, it will be me and Cris who will be bringing them home and will be 100% responsible for their care and their well really is a weird that is very hard to articulate...

Whatever the case, I know that I am totally in love with Ciaran and Shay and look forward to the amazing life that awaits us!

The past week has been a good one...and we are told that Week 33 and 34 are usually two weeks of great change and we look forward to the two upcoming weeks as we anticipate meeting further milestones! Shay is being cycled on his ventilators as of today. He is on low flow for 4 hours followed by 8 hours of C Pap. He is dying to get off the C Pap machine! I think he loves the freedom of low flow - his face is free of wiring/breathing tubes/hoses, no more hat, he can turn his head side to side easily...he looked so cute today with only the low flow on...he looked so much like a baby...I realize that this may sound weird...but it is really difficult to get a good idea of what our babies look like with all of the equipment attached to them.

If Shay does well with low flow, we will be able to take Ciaran and Shay out at the same time and allow them to be reaquainted with each other....I am sooo looking forward to this day...I can't wait to see how they react to each will be so special to have them reunited again!

Ciaran continues to remain stable. He is doing well with his breathing as per, he will likely be a week or two behind Shay before he tries low flow...however, this is not guaranteed as he is a pretty determined little guy! The improvements he has made in the past week are unbelievable...hopefully, he will continue to surprise us!

That is all to report for today. Neither babies ended up coming out for cuddles - we wanted Shay to give low flow a fair shot - and thought we wouldn't tucker him out by taking him out for a visit and Ciaran had quite a bit of water thought he too would benefit from a day of rest.

cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Cassandra said...

Great news! Sounds like the boys are little troopers. They look beautiful.

xo Cassandra

Phyl said...

Hi Liza Cris Ciaran Shay.
What wonderful news we are getting about your beautiful boys .Dont worry abought the weight Its a good sign.
Still lighting the candles.Happy birthday Daddy Cris

Love Phyl Fran xxxx

Anonymous said...

Liza & Chris,

Your boys are clearly tough cookies - stay strong together, my prayers are with you all. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures too - they're so sweet!