Day 38 - Saturday August 11, 2007

Today was another day of anticipation but for me it was different. I know that the boys are getting bigger and stronger every day. You can see it when you look at them. Ultimately, growing means that they can come out of their 'condo' as one of the nurses labeled their isolette and that means they can be held EVERY day. This is huge as it means that I will be able to get my first real chance to hold one (or both) of them. Liza has held them multiple times and to see how calm they were is a joy that I could never possibly describe to someone else.

Overall, they have not had huge gains this week but they also haven't had any losses. This gave me the confidence to take my turn holding one of my boys. Liza and I decided that I would hold Shay today and she would hold Ciaran. We would do the opposite tomorrow. Anyway, no need to go into the blow by blow action I am with my son, Shay Brendan. I am so proud of both boys and I think they are awesome!

A few pics of Ciaran

Here is Ciaran in his isolette.

Liza with Ciaran

Ciaran holding Liza's finger!

Thanks for reading and praying for them!
Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay


Allyson said...

What sweeties-you guys are just amazing! Love to you all!

Joanne said...

Liza and Cris,

The pictures are wonderful and thank you for sharing them with all of us. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Liza, thank you for reminding us that we only have 3 weeks left until school....Take care of yourselves and cherish every moment with your beautiful boys.

Joanne Major

patpaula said...

Hi Liza Cris.Your boys are a mazing. I check the blog every morning and read the up date to the lads.Hope this is another great week.Take care.xxxxxxxxxxx Happy Birthday Cris Hope it is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris;

The boys are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.I read the blog every day and enjoy the pictures very much. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

Denise Wright