Day 37 - August 10, 2007

Today was another relatively quiet, but good day.

Shay remains stable. He tried coming out on low flow oxygen today (the last stage of ventilation - little thongs that blow oxygen into his nose). Unfortunately, he is too comfortable when he is visiting with his mom - and he falls into very deep sleeps - and as a result, he forgets to breathe - that little monkey!! So today's cuddle lasted around a half hour of his regular two hour visit as he had too many spells early on in the visit. Either way - it was a good visit and it was nice to have him out! I can't believe how fair both boys are especially Shay - their eyelashes and eyebrows are completely blond...I was expecting two babies with a mop of dark hair....little did I know!

Ciaran also had a good day. Some of the measurements that are being tracked via the ultrasounds have actually decreased by a little bit - this excites us and makes us hopeful. Also, the ultrasound done today showed a significant improvement in the clear up of the debris that we are waiting to dissolve. So good news all around. We will continue to hope and pray that things will work their way out on their own with no intervention or timely intervention which will be when he is closer to term.

That is all for today...another weekend is before us...enjoy it...especially my teaching you do not have many weekends left :(

cris, liza, ciaran and shay

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