Day 36 - August 9, 2007

Ciaran and Shay were born five weeks ago is crazy how fast time has gone by! The boys have changed so much in these five weeks! They are getting bigger and heavier every day and they are more and more alert these days!

Today was another special day...I got to hold Ciaran for two hours...when I hold him, he is so calm and quiet. It feels so good having having him out of his isolette! I know that it is really good for him to be getting out and getting held...I believe it is going to make him stronger every day!

Both boys and as a result Mom and Dad had a good day today. The boys continue to do well on their new ventilators...which makes us happy.

It is Cris' birthday on Monday...I am sure that his best present ever will be having the opportunity to hold both of his boys this weekend...I am so excited for him! I will be sure to take some pictures and post them on the blog!

Anyhow, this is short but sweet...which I things are going well! Another sincere thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts...they are working!!!

love to you all!
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Anonymous said...

Yay! Have a wonderful family weekend. I will look forward to the pictures. Love Lianne xo

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
I'm so happy and excited that things have been going well. Holding the boys must be the most wonderful feeling in the world and I'm so happy you're getting the opportunity to do it more frequently. Yeah!!!
Can't wait to see more picS! looked so happy in the pic with Shay

Anonymous said...

Ron at last has found out how to access your blog.
Glad to hear the news is more positive every day. you must be really enjoying those cuddles and precious times.
Always thinking of you all.
Happy birthday Cris.
Love Auntie Jean and Ron

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog here off your facebook, I didn`t know your boys were premature, I am way out of touch. I know they will be fine in time, Liza you are such a strong woman I know they must have that in them. I will keep them in my prayers and I am thinking of you!
Mary Heisler Xox
p.s I loove their names!!

patpaula said...

Hi Liza Cris. Great to see the photos of the twins. They are beauitful.They are two strong little lads .You are in our prayers and we are thinking of you. Love Joe Breda xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Liza and Chris,
Your boys are absolutley gorgeous. Ciaran and Shay are so lucky to be brought into this world with wonderful loving and caring parents. It is wonderful to hear that the boys are doing better everday. I can not wait to see them. Have a wonderful weekend spending time with your precious little gifts.
Talk to you soon
Rosanna Maga