Day 34 - Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hi all,

Today was ultrasound day. Normally this day is Monday but it was bumped a day due to the Civic holiday here in the province of Ontario. Ultrasound days are quite stressful as it gives us more information about Ciaran. He has been stable the last while and we are continuing to see him gain strength. Ultrasounds are done in the morning but for some reason today's ultrasound did not take place until 1:30pm. We found out the results later in the day and the doctor's haven't changed a word they are saying. We continue the wait and see game we have been playing for the last 4+ weeks.

On another note, Liza was able to hold Shay again for an hour. I think this will become a regular occurrence (ie. daily!) as Shay has been making slow progress with his lungs. He only requires a bit of pressure into his lungs to keep them open and it seems the docs and nurses are thinking about getting him off that. It basically paves the way for him to be free of any breathing help. He just needs to remember that he actually needs to breathe cause once in a while he forgets! I must say that I have not had many moments in my life to date that can equal the sight of Liza holding Shay. I am getting anxious to have them home.

OK, back to Ciaran now. We spoke to the night nurse - Sarah, who is wonderful - and she let us know that they have started some preliminary intervention with Ciaran. It is still early but it seems that it had done a bit of work so we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed. We won't know anything for a while but it looks promising. Ciaran continues to be stable and well and that is all the really matters at this point. He is a fighter and we'll have lots of stories to tell him of how he nearly killed us with stress :) We love him and his brother very much!

That is it for now... well, maybe some pictures

Shay out for a cuddle with Liza - look, no ventilator!

Ciaran out for a cuddle!

Good night, keep praying and stayed tuned!

Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay

ps - Riley - Your have so much insight for a 10 year old! You are so very wise - holding my boys has been completely magic. I will hold on to your words 'My heart says things will be okay!' - these words mean a lot coming from you - i believe that you are a special girl with a special gift! I can't wait for you to feel the magic when I bring the boys over to your house for a visit!


Anonymous said...

What angels!! I love to see the pictures (and of course hear the updates. When I read the "magic" quote, it gave me goosebumps. This whole experience has been magical for me to be a part of. Thank you for sharing it with us each and every day. You are all in my prayers, each and every morning and every evening.
Have a great day, and squeeze those babies for me... but not too hard (lol) xo Lianne Summers

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza and Cris so glad to here things are going good for Ciaran and Shay ,they are beautiful We can't wait to meet them ,you both are such a strong and beautiful couple and that strenght will bring the Boys home !Always in our prayers !
Aunt Bridie and Uncle Liam

Anonymous said...

hey guys, i'm keeping tabs on you and thinking of you all often. hope to see you soon, love you lots heather