Day 30 - Friday August 3, 2007

Ciaran taking a nap

A close up of Shay - (nose taped for SiPap machine)

Shay being held for the first time by his Daddy :)

As you can see from the pictures, today was a pretty special day! Shay continues to do well on the SiPap machine and hence is able to come out for cuddles now everyday....I am soooo excited about that! I think that one of the hardest things about the past month has been not being able to hold our own babies... up to this point, I have only held Ciaran once and Shay twice...Today I got to hold Shay for 2 hours - he was a perfect angel the entire time he was out of the incubator - did not have any spells (forgetting to breathe) which was awesome for him! It was an extremely special day for Cris too...he got to hold one of his sons for the very first time today - initially, he was unsure if he was ready as Shay is so tiny and looks so fragile - but with a little pressure - he took on the challenge and loved it up as you can see from the picture...doesn't he look like a great Dad!

Ciaran continues to make slow but steady progress. There is talk of transitioning him off his big ventilating machine that he was put on a month ago tomorrow - we are hoping that he will soon be able to make the transition as this will be a big step for him. The specialists will be coming in this weekend to see how Ciaran is progressing and we will continue to investigate possible next steps for him.

We have our lovely Bev as our nurse this weekend (she is the Australian nurse that I spoke about earlier in the blog). She truly is an angel - she is so talented at what she does and does an amazing job at allowing us to feel calm, hopeful and grounded.

Hope everyone is away for the long weekend enjoying the beautiful weather!

lots of love,
cris, liza, ciaran and shay

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Anonymous said...

The boys look great-they are just so cute and I love the ones of them napping! Glad to hear the past few days have been so steady-yeah boys! Take care-Allyson