Day 27 - Tuesday July 31, 2007

I can't believe that today is the last day of July - nor can I believe that the boys will be four weeks old already on Thursday. Time has flown by! Potentially (I say this with trepidation) , our stay in the hospital is one third over...although ultimately, the boys will determine how long we stay and where we will be staying.

Shay had another good day on his new oxygen machine. He was a bit tuckered out after the first day so the Doctors decided to give him ventolin (like an astmatic child would take) and a steroid three times a day to assist him in strengthening his lungs. Hopefully this will assist him and his lungs on their road to recovery. He is becoming more and more active everyday and his strength astounds me. His latest trick is lifting his head off the pillow to turn into the pillow in an attempt to knock off/escape his CPap machine. I never would have thought that a baby so young would have the strength to turn their head especially with all of the equipment attached to it, nor so smart to attempt to do so. Shay has made tremendous progress in the past two weeks! If he continues, there is a good chance that he will be moved upstairs to the Level Two facility in the next few weeks. They have assured me at Women's College that they will do their very best to keep both babies at the same hospital until they are both ready to be moved to a Level Two hospital as Ciaran will for sure not be ready at the same time as Shay!

Ciaran also had a good day yesterday. He too is becoming extremely active when he is awake. He pulled out his intubation tube again last night - and apparently was attempting to pull it out again tonight. I think that he is trying to tell us that he is sick and tired of having a tube going down his throat to help him breathe (I am sure that it couldn't be comfortable), however, he has not shown us that he is ready to move on to the CPap machine at this point in time. Sometimes, I wish we could keep their hands tied together so they can stop pulling out all of the wires attached to them - I am sure that the nurses are used to it - but, I must say it seriously stresses me out!

We got Ciaran's ultrasound back yesterday - concerns remain and they will continue to monitor him closely until his next ultrasound next Monday. They have called in specialists from Sick Kids Hospital to have a look at Ciaran - as they will be involved should and when intervention is necessary. Funnily enough, today was probably one of my calmest days I have had despite the fact that I did not get the news that I so hoped for! I think that I am calm because I recognize that everything that can be done is being done and basically at this point, what ultimately ends up happening is out of our control. I trust the staff here at the NICU completely - and I know that things are going to work their way out! At this point in time, the staff want to focus on Ciaran's nutritional intake and continue to work on weaning him off his ventilation machine.

Ciaran did get his Pick Line out today which is definitely something to celebrate! As I explained before, this is his IV line and having it taken out reduces his chances of infection. It also allows him to be more mobile with his hands which is not necessarily a good thing if he continues to be so determined in taking out his ventilation tubes!

Anyhow, that is all for was a good day today. The boys continue to do well and for this alone, we are blessed.

cris, liza, ciaran and shay

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patpaula said...

Hi Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay.We are just back from holidays.You were in our thoughts every day.Your boys look lovely. Two little fighters.Our lads were asking about them and it was great to show them the photo's.Our prayers are with you all. Will keep posted on their progress. Love Paula & Pat. xxxxxxx Love to Miss Liza from Jamie, Keith and Mark.xxxxx