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We have started this blog to keep everyone up-to-date on the progress of our two miracles, Ciaran and Shay. Ciaran and Shay were a bit anxious to come into the world and were born on July 5, 2007 at 12:28 and 12:29 by C-Section at the St. Catherines General Hospital. Ciaran weighed in at a hefty 2lbs 6.5 oz and Shay came in at 2lb 4.5 oz. A bit big for their 'age' and that is a good thing!

Here is a brief synopsis of their first day.

Liza was at school, the 3rd day of her PhD at Brock University when she started to have some pains 'down below'. She was unsure of what it was but the director of the PhD program knew something was up. Liza thought it wasn't so bad and was insisting that she would head back to Oakville Trafalgar hospital to get things checked out. Eventually it was agreed that she would go to the St. Catherines hospital. Her friend and the former vice-principal at the school she teaches at, Brendan, took her to the hospital. She gave me a call at that point and I was immediately worried but she said it was no big deal and she will call me after she was assessed. Well, 45 tense minutes later I got the call and on the road I went down to St. Kitts.

Liza was actually quite near show time when she arrived at the hospital and after the initial assessment it was decided that she had to have a C-Section. One of the boys, Shay, had his feet in his brother's face. It was too risky for a regular birth. So about an hour after checking in at the hospital, Liza and I welcomed our first two sons. I missed it all. By the time I arrived at the hospital the boys had already entered the world.

Excited, scared, worried and more we waited tensely for the boys to be examined. We knew that St. Catherines would not be able to handle preemies of that age and we waited for the arrival of the team from McMaster to arrive. We weren't sure what was going to happen at that point. Liza's parents joined us and helped us through those first few hours. We were both in a bit of shock and things happened soo fast!

After about 2 hours of examination and stabilization, the kids were ready to be moved to their new 'home' - Women's College Hospital. This is a Level 3 facility that is considered one of the best in the country. We knew the kids would be in the best hands and that made us feel a lot better! A few hours later Liza was transferred to Women's College hospital and our family was together again.


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