Day 8 - Thursday July 12, 2007

Things having been steady the past few days. Ciaran had the tube removed from his lung as they were able to get most of the air that was trapped out. The last few days he has remained generally stable. He still requires a lot of support to breathe and will continue to do so for quite some time.

Shay is doing quite well. Yesterday they thought he may have had an infection, so he has been on antibiotics until blood work comes back - which it did indicating no infection (one step forward - hurray!) He is breathing mainly room air and we are hoping that he may be moved off his ventilator to oxygen nose plugs in the next week.

I got to change both babies diapers today which was really exciting (who would ever have thought!) and I picked up Ciaran just to be weighed. Ciaran actually peed all over me today...the nurses describe him as fiesty and determined - he tends to be more of a Sneyd...

Tonight Shay's incubator needs to be changed so I had my first opportunity to hold one of my was short...but amazing! It will be awhile before I am really able to hold both they have to be off certain machines in order to make that happen. Shay would be described by the nurses as laid back - he is always calm, steady and collected - very much like Cris. Funny how personalities begin to form so early in life!

We had a priest come in today to bless both babies. We are sure that his blessing will only make them stronger. The support available at the hospital is unbelievable. We are so lucky to be here!

The ride here is often referred to as a rollar coaster...there are good days where the babies make tiny steps forward...and not so good days when setbacks arise and we take quite a few steps backwards. We remain hopeful however, and are praying that we will get our boys home in the next two or three months.

The hospital allowed us to stay in a Family Room all week which has been great as I was not ready to leave the hospital yet (I still am not, however, the boys becoming more and more stable everyday, it may be a bit easier now). Tomorrow we will be discharged and will prepare for travelling. A good friend of mines (Tamara) brother (Tommy) has a condo downtown that he has graciously offered as he is working in Calgary at the we likely will be taking him up on his offer.

So many people have reached out to us. We are so blessed to have the people that we do in our lives. It is difficult to get back to everyone, as a lot of our days are spent in the NICU and hence we do not have access to phones and computers. For this reason, we are working on setting up a blog that will provide brief updates on where we are at.


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