Day 7 - Wednesday July 11, 2007

Ciaran weighed in at 984 grams. He is up and down with oxygen levels on Ventilator. Drug treatment for heart murmur starts today. He will have 3 rounds of treatment - every 12 hours. We are praying that this will be all that he needs to rectify the situation. Jaundice is a bit of an issue - he will receive phototherapy today. This is a common condition for well as for full term babies.

Shay weighed in at 929 grams today. He was quite lethargic today. Ended up having a permanent IV put him which likely tired him out. The nurse was cautious and asked that testing be done to ensure that he did not have an infection - he didn't - another step forward!
Cris and I went to a support meeting tonight. It provided us an opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings as well as gain valubable insight from staff and parents who have been on a similar was therapeutic!

The nurses are unbelievable here. Tonight they created foot stamps of Ciaran and Shay's feet. They are so cute...apparently neither of the boys thought the idea was both shared with the girls that they were not impressed. Both will be amazing keepsakes...we will post a picture of each on the weekend...

That is all for today...until tomorrow!


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Peter said...

Hi LIza The babies look very tiny and adorable. I'm sure that you can hardly wait to bring them home. I was talking to a friend of mine who works in the Neo-Natal Unit at Credit Valley and she said that their birth weight should not be too much of a problem. Thanks for keeping me posted. I have been thinking of both you and Cris. Take care, Bev