Day 3 - Saturday July 7th, 2007

Saturday begins quite nicely and the boys seem to be doing well. I arrive back at the hospital around 11am as I had to run some errands, do a bit of laundry and make sure the house was ok. When I get in, I go and see the kids. Ciaran is doing great and Shay is on the same steady course he was on yesterday. Liza is moving around a bit more today and things are looking better every hour. They told us to take it that way - hour by hour and we are trying our best to do so.

But then it happened...

Around 3pm, my parents arrived at the hospital to see Liza, Ciaran, Shay and I. A few minutes after they arrived I took them over to the NICU to see their new grandkids. Little did I know that Ciaran was having a really bad day. There were 6 people around him and they didn't look too happy but they were calm. I hurried my mom (only one person at a time can go into the NICU) out the door and took them back to the room where Liza was staying. I grabbed Liza and went back to the NICU. One of the nurses came over to explain what was up and our stress levels went through the roof. Ciaran was having a lot of problems with breathing. He didn't seem able to keep the CO2 in his blood from rising and his O2 was dropping. A very bad combo. After an hour and a X-ray, it was determined that Ciaran needed a chest tube to get rid of some air that got out of his lung and was stopping the left lung from working properly. At the end of it, the chest tube really helped and Ciaran started to recover within hours. It was a scary time for Liza and I. We weren't sure if we were going to lose him. We did find out though that he a fighter and strong boy for his age! He's great and we love him very much.

During this crisis we basically put ourselves in lockdown and took no visitors. Tomorrow will be a tough day again, watching him recover and so we asked everyone to stay away until we had some news. There wasn't much sleeping this night. That's for sure!


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