Day 24 - Saturday July 28

A few pics, more to come!

Shay in all his glory!



It was another quiet day for Shay and Ciaran- thank God! Everywhere else in the NICU today was quite intense. There were a number of very sick babies and you could feel the extreme stress among all of the hospital staff - surely not a pleasant feeling. There were also a number of very young babies coming into the NICU today - a set of 25 week old twins and 24 week old triplets. My heart goes out to the new parents coming in - no one can prepare them for what they are in for...

It is crazy to see how many premature births there are - at the moment all of the NICU's in Ontario are full - there are not hospital beds to meet the needs of the premature babies... how sad it that!

So here are the updates for today - Shay continues to do well with being weaned off his current ventilator. The RT (Maureen - who is amazing!) told us that she felt Shay was trying to tell us that he is ready to have the tube removed from his throat as he keeps on biting down on the tube causing the alarms to go off and the oxygen to stop reaching its destination - she told us earlier today that she planned on continuing to wean him for the next few days - as she did not want Cris and I to be disappointed with a setback. Later on in the day, she told us that there was a good chance they would try pulling the tube tonight as Shay is telling them that he wants it out...moving on to the CPap will be another huge milestone - our fingers are crossed that he will be strong enough to handle this transition.

I picked up Shay today in his incubator as he had wet his blanket - he was fiesty as ever - squirming like mad and crying his little eyes out - speaking of which - another beautiful thing about Shay being on his CPap is that we will be able to hear him cry as there will be nothing obstructing his vocal cords. I may regret saying this later - but I can't wait to hear him cry!!!

They continue to wean Ciaran of his ventilator slowly which is good. He continues to tolerate his feeds and will be up to full feeds tomorrow. He continues to sleep and gain strength. He is quite swollen at the moment from some of the medications he was on last week - they are increasing nutritional intake in hopes that this will rectify the situation. Ciaran has his next follow up head ultra sound on Monday - these days are always full of fear and anxiety. Please say an extra prayer that we hear good news.

That is all for now. Thank you to everyone for your comments and emails. Your interest and thoughts are appreciated more than you know! One day we will be sure to share these with Ciaran and Shay - it would be impossible to describe the amazing support that we have received from our family and friends. These two little miracles are truly blessed to have so many supporters.

love to all!
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


katrina said...

Liza and Cris,I just adore your two little boys, they are incredible gifts from God. I also enjoy your updates about life in the NICU. Do the staff there know about this blog- I wonder if it may be helpful for other parents going through the same thing?
Nigel and I are so looking forward to the day we can finally meet these two little fighters. Remember you are in our prayers every day.
God Bless you all
Katrina xx

Anonymous said...

You have two very amazing little boys. You are truly blessed. I will say a few prayers that the test results come out ok.
God bless you both..and the extremely well equipped parents.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Liza & Chris,

We are very proud of both of you, you both have shown such incredible strength and love.

Be strong for your sons. They sense how you are feeling and they
feel your emotions.

Love Geraldine, Neil & Eamonn

Laurie said...

Ciaran and Shay are looking great...they are getting so much bigger! This is so great being able to follow their progress and know that everything is going so well. Keep strong and know that we are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Liza, beer is good for breast's the barley that helps. Keep pumping!
Love Laurie M

Marie and Pat said...

Hi Liza and Cris great photos they are so cute hope you had a good day yesterday so much has happened in one yearand all you have to look forward to in the one ahead love to you all Marie and Pat