Day 23 - Friday, July 27

It has been a pretty calm day today. Both boys had a good day - hence I will keep this brief as I am exhausted. We actually left the hospital by 5:30 tonight and came home for a nice homemade meal and a glass of wine (the nurses recommended the wine to assist with milk production and to assist with decreasing stress levels :)

The respiratory therapist's continue to work on weaning Shay off his ventilation system. Today they changed the type of ventilation to conventional - which means that the air pumped into his lungs is more similar to a normal breath - he did well with the transition which is encouraging - I am thinking after some success on this system - they will attempt trying him on the C PAP again which I am excited about as once he is on the CPap ventilation, we are able to hold him everyday... he is looking really good...and we are really impressed with his progress!

Ciaran also had a good day today. They are talking about moving him off the specialized ventilation machine they put him on when his lung collapsed three weeks ago (they only have four of these machines in the entire NICU) this weekend. This is also an encouraging step and it is a step in the right direction - I think he will be a week or two behind Shay when it comes to the weaning long as he continues to make progress...we are happy! So far he has responded to his feeds - he is 2/3's there to full feeding already...he should be on full feeds by Sunday if he continues to tolerate. His bowels are starting to work and he is digesting his food...he has come such a long way the moment, he is quite swollen as he gained a significant amount of weight in a two or three day span - hopefully, we will continue to get rid of this water retention - as the swelling is interfering with some of the measurements that they are tracking following his collapsed lung epsiode - which is a bit worrisome for me.

The nurses are constantly telling us how tough and strong our boys are. They really have put up a good fight! Today the boys were assigned to the same nurse which has never happened before as they have always been considered higher needs babies...this is a good sign as it is an indication that they are not as needy as they once were!

This whole ordeal has emphasized how lucky we are to be living in Canada! If we were living in the States - we would likely be bankrupt by now! I would say that it costs at least 3000 dollars per day for each baby to stay at the hospital - again a reminder that we are blessed!

A note to Carly - I know we need more pictures up...Cris has promised that he will get some up by the end of the weekend if the boys are up for a photo shoot this weekend! Thanks for the reminder!

Well that is it for now - I can't believe that it is nearly the end of July - the past month has just flown by!

have a good weekend everyone!
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Linda said...

cris, liza, ciaran and shay,

Your expereince is amazing and I am following it and keeping all of you in my prayers here in Turkey!

linda griffin (Susan Griffin's sister)

diana thomas said...

I've been told that beer is also good for milk production :)
I'm so glad to hear that the boys are doing well. Keep smiling!