Day 22 - Thursday July 26

Another day to celebrate...the boys are three weeks old today! It is crazy how fast the past three weeks have gone by. The hours put in the hospital are catching up with us - we are both exhausted. I did not go to the hospital until 2:00 ish today. Even though this was extremely hard for me to do - I believe it did me a world of good to get some extra sleep and relaxation time!

Nothing overly eventful today. Both boys continue to sleep a significant amount of the day away - which is helping them grow bigger and stronger every day.

Shay is up to full feeds and tolerating his food well. He is becoming a bit more feisty lately (he can't have his brother getting all of the attention :) He has pulled out his intubation tube twice in the last few days. He does this by trying to lift his head up and turn it - he is surprisingly strong already. The nurses have placed weight pillows around his head to keep his head stable and secure. He is looking good - it is so nice to see the Pic line out of his he looks so much more comfortable! They are weaning him off his ventilator - we are hoping that he may graduate to the CPap in the next week ..

We had good news today re: Ciaran. He had a heart echo done (heart ultra sound to check out his murmur as it was getting louder and they were concerned he might have the valve litagated (tied). Thank goodness the murmur will not need this surgical procedure - they are going to try to close the valve with one more round of medication - keep your fingers crossed! He has been stable for the past few days...continues to be much calmer and sleepy - the nurses assure me that this is because he is feeling less agitated and likely is in less pain than he was in the early days of his reassuring to hear!

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and positive looking at the boys progress - they are benefiting from these prayers and positive affirmations!

love to all!
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Anonymous said...

More good news! Carly has been asking if there are any new pictures of Ciaran & Shay. We would love to see some updates when you can get them up.
Love Phil, Diane, Madison & Carly

Cassandra said...

Great news guys! It's crazy that the boys are already 3 weeks old! Wow!

Love you - Cassandra xo

Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled to hear that the boys are making such amazing progress. We have been reading the blog daily and thinking of you all often. Thank you for giving such detailed updates. Take care of the boys and yourselves!
Love, Nia, Trevor and Kian xo

Jodi O'Reilly said...

Hey Guys,
It was so great to catch up on your blog. The boys sound like they are doing awesome, I'm so happy for you all. Shay and I went into St. Patrick's Basillica in New York and said a pray for you all. I think your right, all these prayers must be working. We're thinking of you.
All our love, Jods & Shay

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news!!! I am following this blog everyday and saying prayers for the boys and you guys too!!! You must be absolutely thrilled at the progress!
Remember to take care of yourselves too!!!
Love Cindy

Derek Hayden said...

Hi Liza,

Its your cousin Derek here I have been reading your blog and have seen the boys are making great progress which we are all delighted to hear. You are all in our thoughts and prayers and I am sure the boys will contiue to go from strength to strength. Take Care lots of love Derek x