Day 21 - Wednesday July 25, 2007

Hi everyone,
Today one of the boys reached an important milestone. Shay has had his 'pick' line removed from his right arm. This is a huge step forward and it helps to reduce the possibility of infection. The 'pick' line is an IV line that is put in after the first 4-5 days of life and is inserted directly into a vein in the arm. It's primary purpose is to provide nourishment to the child. Shay doesn't need this extra boost anymore. He is taking in 14ml of breast milk every 2 hours now and it is increasing as he grows. This is considered to be fully feeding! A huge milestone!!!

So what about his brother, Ciaran. Well, he is also taking in breast milk and he is finally tolerating it quite well. It has taken a few tries but all seems well now. He is up to 4ml every 2 hours and they are quickly increasing him by 1ml every 8 hours. Once he reaches what is considered to be full feeding for him and as long as he is not on any medication, they will be looking to remove the 'pick' line for him as well. Based upon his current feeding, we could see this as early as Monday / Tuesday of next week but we'll see.

A few other things happened today. First, Liza got to hold Shay for 2 HOURS! YEAH! It was awesome to see. He was so calm (as usual) and he looked like he loved it. Second, Ciaran started to pass some more urine and poo and that is important as he had gained way too much weight over the last couple of days and he looked like a puff ball with multiple chins. Third, Ciaran continued his more settled ways and his ventilation requirements were quite stable. Overall, the kids had a wonderful day. Now we just have to keep hoping that this stays this way and we might actually get some sleep - haha as if that will happen for the next 6 months.

Take care,
Cris, Liza, Ciaran and Shay


Anonymous said...

Dear LIza, Cris, Ciaran and Shay,

It is wonderful to hear such great news. You have been in our prayers every day and will continue to do so. I know in my heart that everything will be just fine. Try to get some rest.

Liz Ames

PS you also have best wishes and prayers from Summit Camp.

sue griffin said...

awesome news liza & chris! tough little guys you have there!

Anonymous said...

So you think you'll get more rest in six months...obviously first time parents!
Great news about the boys. Another milestone with more to come.
Love Diane, Phil, Madison & Carly

Christa said...

Love the blog....
It is so wonderful to hear all the positive things that are going on with the boys.
You are all in our prayers daily.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liza & Chris,

I'm so glad to hear the boys are growing and gaining strength - stay strong and have faith - my prayers continue to be with your family.