Day 20 - July 24, 2007

Sorry we are posting so late again...the days tend to be pretty jam packed lately.... The last few days I have spent with my mom which have been perfect...perfect because I am with my mom and I feel so comfortable and safe when she is with me...the thing that I love about being with my mom is that I can sit with her for hours...not needing to say anything...but knowing that she is there for me...funnily enough, every day she has been with me at the hospital so far on this journey - it has been a good day...

That being said - today was a good day. Both boys spent most of their day sleeping which is soo important as they are conserving their energy and allowing themselves to grow. It is so nice to see that Ciaran is finally beginning to settle a bit...he has been calm and much less agitated for the past three or four days...this is a good sign ...Shay continues to sleep...he has been good at this right from the get go...

Not much to report today. Both boys are inching towards 3 lbs - they are getting bigger and stronger every day. Shay is up to full feeds and he is likely going to get his pick line (IV) taken out tomorrow which is definitely something to celebrate - as this is often a source of infection for preemies...the less wiring they have connected to them - the less likely they are to catch an infection.

Ciaran is being fed every two hours - and so far so good. He is digesting his food and had his first bowel movement without a suppository which is a good thing. He is looking better every day...hopefully we can get him up to full feeds in the next week...we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Cris' friends came by the hospital tonight and we all went our for a bite to eat. It was great to spend time with them - as they are very close to Cris and have been a source of support for him during the past few weeks..

take care!
cris, liza, ciaran and shay


Marie and Pat said...

Hi Liza and Cris Another week nearly gone it is hard to believe that Ciaran and Shay will be three weeks tomorrow it is amaziny how well they are doing All our love Marie and Pat

Anonymous said...

Liza and Chris,
Happy Birthday Ciaran and Shay!
The blog is great. You are both such incredible writers. Thanks for sharing the daily progress of your two precious little ones. I look forward to reading it daily...their progress is awesome.
In thoughts and prayers with lots of love, Sacha