Day 19 - Monday July 23, 2007

Today began much like yesterday...anxiety filling our hearts - today we would get some more information about Ciaran. We arrived just in time for the daily rounds, headed up this week by Dr. Eugene Ng but we didn't the full information we were so worried about. We would have to wait until later in the day so I took off to the office and tried to get some work done (yeah right!).

So while at the office we got some good news. It would appear that Shay is heading towards the removal of his 'pick' line as he nears what they consider to be full feeding on 'boobie milk' (those are Orla's words LOL). This is huge news as it is one of the critical things they look at when evaluating him for needing Level 3 care! It means he is getting stronger every day. It would also appear they are going to try and get the kids off the ventilation within 2 weeks. Another huge milestone. They are both doing well right now and their need for assisted ventilation are definitely dropping. Ciaran appears to be tolerating his feeds right now and they will slowly increase him to full feeds over the next week. He is a bit behind but still heavier than Shay. He hit 1286 grams tonight, this puts him at 2lbs 14oz. We didn't get a weight on Shay tonight but he is close to 1200 grams himself :)

Anyway, back to the information we were waiting for. I arrived back at the hospital around 3:45 and we went to go see Dr. Ng. He has a relaxed, informal style that is quite nice. He basically gave us a positive outlook and even though it does not diminish the potential repercussions that Liza mentioned in her last post, it does give us reason to look forward and not be as stuck as we have felt the last few days. It was good news and topped off an overall good day for both kids and Liza.

The last 2 days are exactly what the staff of the NICU keep talking about.. a rollercoaster. One day, you could not feel more worried and anxious and the next day, the pressure seems a bit off and the kids make strides. It reminds you that you can never get too high and you can never get too low even though it is quite easy to ride the wave as it goes up. I'm just holding on as tightly as I can and I'm not about to let go of anything or anyone.

Ciaran and Shay are a true blessing. They fight and fight for everything and they will succeed in life for it. I refuse to accept any suggestion that being 'preemie' means anything more than they were born early. Time will tell its tale.

Good night and take care,


Heather Brown said...

Great news about the boys. I'm so glad things are continuing to progress. They truly are little miracles and Doyle and I can't wait to meet them! I am really enjoying this blog and look forward to the new posts each day! We're sending many good thoughts and wishes your way - and we look forward to seeing you guys soon.

Heather (and Doyle)

Cassandra said...


You are a great husband! Liza is so lucky to have you. You really are her rock. The boys will have a great daddy to look up to.

xo Cassandra

Farrah said...

Liza and Cris, you guy's are doing a great job!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are looking up. Focus on the positive - holding each of your little miracles for the first time. There won't be a dry eye in the school when we finally get to meet these little guys! Take care of yourselves and stay strong.


Anonymous said...

Liza and Cris so glad to hear the news that the boys are doing better once they start feedin and breathing on their own their of to the races!!!!!We are so glad that today was a good day for all of you ,God bless with all our Love Uncle Liam and Aunt Bridie.

Lisa Bednarski said...

Liza (and Cris)

Camilla sent me the link to this blog and I've been following. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Coincidence would have it that a client/friend of mine had twin boys just yesterday weighting only 1.9 and 2.9 pounds. Have sent her a note telling her about you and your journey hoping that can bring her some strength and hope.

Fingers crossed and prayers to heaven for all of you.

Lisa Bednarski

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza, congratulations and it is so nice to hear about how your boys are progressing. They are adorable and they could not have been born to a more loving, caring mother. By the sounds of it, the same is absolutely true for your husband. Know that I'm praying for your boys and for you as well. Lots of love, Cristina