Day 12 - July 2007

Perspective...sometimes people need to put things into perspective to allow you to move forward or to enable you to let things go. In dealing with the premature birth of Ciaran and Shay, we are constantly questioning the impact that day to day situations will have today, tomorrow, next week, next year, ten years from now, etc. Did the rounds today, and both boys remain stable. Cris and I always have a number of questions, and they most often than not, refer to Ciaran as he has run into more difficulties at this point in time. Today on rounds, I questioned a number of indicators that we are tracking that resulted from Ciaran's episode last Saturday. This week the Chief of the NICU is working with Ciaran (- he too was there last Saturday when Ciaran starting experiencing difficulties. Upon seeing my state in the waiting room last week, he joined the Team working on Ciaran and assisted in stabalizing him at the time). Today when we questioned his progress - which does not involve significant improvements, however, does involve the fact that he remains steady day to day - the Doctor poignantly reminded me that Ciaran is one week older and this fact is extremely significant. His response reminded me of the fact that each day is a gift and that whatever the outcomes/repercussions may be from day to day interventions, Cris and I can not only handle them but more importantly, we can and will celebrate them which is far more productive.

That being said, I will be honest in saying that my background in Special Education and Speech and Language is both a blessing and a curse. It is a huge blessing in that I am informed - I know what questions to ask and I recognize the importance of tracking Ciaran's and Shay's development and milestones. Paradoxically, it is a curse because again I am informed - in being informed, I remain on edge and filled with worry. Shay's nurse reinforced to me today that the only thing that we can worry about are those things that we can control - and many of the things that we have already experienced early on in our journey are things that we cannot control. For those of you who know me well, I am a strong advocate of the belief that everything happens for a reason - at this point in time, Cris and I need to stand by and embrace this belief and accept that our situation is not a test - instead it is a life circumstance that will only develop our sense of knowledge, empathy, compassion and faith....we have two beautiful baby boys...we are truly blessed and we have to much to look forward to!

So, enough of me rambling - Ciaran weighed in today at 1130 grams (a gain of 40 grams) which is quite a bit. He is retaining water and is not having consistent bowel movements which the staff are currently working on rectifying. He was stable all day yesterday and had a good night last night. He has a few big tests later in the week - we are hopeful that the news will be good as he is looking better everyday. Yesterday, he had a really good day.

Shay weighed in at 1072 grams. He is looking really good and is making nice progress. He is surprising fair which you will see when Cris posts the pictures in the next hour or two (Cris - that is a hint :)

That is about it for now. Hope all is well on your end...and thanks for your continued interest and support!

cris, liza, ciaran and shay

ps good on ya auntie phyllis for figuring out how to send a comment - very impressed!


Marnie said...

Hey guys - I read your blog every day without fail and it's been a great way to stay informed, so thank you for setting it up! I suspect that it is also very therapeutic for you guys as well. Glad to hear that things are going well...stay strong and know that Ciaran and Shay already have so many people who love them, even though we've never seen them! How's that for a hint for Cris Liza?!?! LOL! Love to all - hope to hear more good news soon!
Love Marnie et al

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you, your husband and your boys at this time. I hope they continue to do well. You are so strong, and I'm sure the boys have inherited that from you!


Jodi and Cassandra said...

Hi Liza, Cris, Ciaran and Shay,

We love you! Those pics are too cute! You can definitley tell that Ciaran is the fiesty one and Shay is the calm one. We miss you!

xo Jodi and Cassandra

Bridie Sneyd said...

Liza and Cris ,The Pictures were great ,they are a lot bigger then we throught ,they are beautiful,so glad you guys are doing this blog we will check everyday !All our love Aunt Bridie and Uncle Liam!!!

Anonymous said...

Behind you are the accomplishments and challenges you conquered. Before you, new horizons. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily.


"A happy life consists not in the absence, but the mastery of harships" Helen Keller

Luisa said...

Liza and Chris;
Thanks for updated everyone on your blog. It really helps us stay connected. You're all in my prayers and thoughts daily.

Jean-Ann said...

Your strength will carry you through these times and the love that you have around you will ease the journey. Your boys are beautiful. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Liza, Cris, Ciaran and Shay:

Our thoughts are with you;
They are too little smashers.

Patrick, Niamh, Aisling and Aoife Sneyd

Anonymous said...

Hello Liza and Cris and 'the boys'
Hope you are all well. The pictures are terrific. Ciaran and Shay are lovely little fellows.Our thoughts and prayers and with you for the continued progress of the boys and your continued strength.
The blog is a great way for us to keep informed. Well Done.

Beannacht De Libh (God speed to you all)

Martin, Dorothy, Ali, Rachel and Conor (Sneyd) Dubin.

P.S Carmel, Brendan, Kathleen and Family send their love and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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